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Open Enrollment

To Apply as a Student for the 2019/20 school year, please complete the appropriate course request form for next year :

New Applicants Must Complete: 

Click Here for our Draft 2019/20 Class Schedule. Our final schedule will be revised over the next few months.

To Help you decide on which classes to take:  

These Documents will also be required for enrollment: 

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Immunization Records
  3. Copy of High School transcript
  4. Copy of IEP if a Special Education student

 Academic Placement Notes

CCA is designed for students who are desiring and able to complete course of study that will prepare them to be successful in the work world or at the Community College with an emphasis on Career Education. 

  • Our students attend classes twice weekly -We are not an Independent Study Program or Online school. 
  • Our base Math level in high school is Algebra Foundations.  Click Here for Math Placement Guidelines

  • If your student has an active IEP or 504 plan, please indicate so when you are applying so we may work with you on the best educational plan. 

  • Students must be self-disciplined to do work at home. Late work is not accepted.  Students will typically work 4-5 hours per day on schoolwork

  • The maximum credits a student may earn in a year is 80.  CCA is not a credit-recovery program. All courses are rigorous and few students earn more than 65-70 credits in a year. 

  • Please look through our Course Catalog for Detailed information about each class
  • CCA vs CUPrep: Both programs work on the same type of schedule and format. The significant difference you will find is one of rigor and whether or not the student's goal is to attend a University.  Students who's goals are to go into careers which do not require a University degree, or who wish to attend a Community College first, will be well served at CCA. CCA students also have access to daily tutoring help as well as a supervising teacher with whom they will meet regularly.  Students bound for a University will earn A's and B's in rigorous classes and will take several more academic courses at CUPrep than at CCA. CUPrep students do not have supervising teachers.