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Welcome to Charter Connections Academy 9-12 where we have been serving high school students since 1993. We offer a variety of ways for students to learn and progress towards their academic and career goals. 

Mission Statement

Charter Connections Academy provides the highest quality instruction and curriculum for students to seamlessly transition into the community college system, vocational training, the military, or employment. We provide high quality small group instruction classes, tutoring, and independent study courses so students are able to earn a high school diploma or G.E.D.. We teach students to effectively use emerging technologies and learning systems, and we prepare students to manage their own time and resources. We provide the meaningful direction, support, and academic and career counseling to help students successfully transition to their next phase in life.


Now accepting students for the 22/23 school year!

Open Enrollment is happening NOW! If you have any questions, please call us at 530-622-8594.

We will continue to offer enrollment up to the point where we are at capacity. Students will be placed on a waitlist once we are at capacity.

To Apply, please Complete: 

If you wish to enroll at Charter University Prep, Please Click Here

Aeries Parent Portal Link

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Monday 4/25Tuesday 4/26Wednesday 4/27Thursday 4/28
8:40 AM8:40 AM8:40 AM8:40 AM
7th Grade7th Grade7th Grade7th Grade
8th Grade8th Grade8th Grade8th Grade
10th CUP10th CCA10th CUP10th CCA
11th Grade11th Grade11th Grade11th Grade
12th Grade*
12th Grade*

* 12th Grade students who are new to CCA or CUPrep this year must come to school at 8:40 on Monday & Wednesday for testing. If you were at either school before this year, you do not need to test.
Minimum Day Start

10:15 - 10:55
Per 1
40 Min

11:00- 11:40
Per 2
40 Min

30 Min

Per 3
40 Min

Per 4
40 Min

Per 5
40 Min

Per 6
40 Min