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CUPrep/CCA Drama Department Presents Arsenic & Old Lace

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Open Enrollment for 2nd Semester for All Grades!

Please call our office at 530-622-8594 if you are interested in enrolling with us for 2nd semester, beginning in January. We have room in all of our grade levels!

Now Accepting Students for the 23/24 School Year!

Open Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is happening NOW!


If you have questions, please email for Charter University Prep or for Charter Connections Academy, 

or call us at 530-622-8594.


If you would like more information about Charter University Prep, Please Click Here

Music is Starting Next Month!

For more information on our new music program, visit Mrs. Sabado's Linktree!

Middle College High School at the El Dorado Center FAQs & Info Session Sign Ups

Happy New Year! As we settle into 2024, it is time to begin thinking about the 2024-2025 school year, beginning in August. We have a number of exciting announcements and changes that are happening beginning in the next school year. Below are some of the many questions you may have as we begin looking forward. You will also see a link to sign up to attend an information session for next year at the end of the FAQ

Middle College High School at the El Dorado Center FAQs

New Year, New Name, New Location!

As of 2024-25, Charter University Prep and Connections Academy will be a Middle College High School!  We are in the final stages of approval for an agreement with Folsom Lake College which would allow us to utilize space at FLC’s El Dorado Center at 6699 Campus Drive, Placerville. While we will be one school, we will continue to offer pathways similar to both the Connections and Charter University Prep programs. Available diplomas will include the Academic Diploma, which requires students to complete the a-g university entrance requirements, or the traditional High School Diploma. Through the new agreement with FLC, students will have the opportunity to complete Associate Degrees, IGETC Certifications as well as Career Education Courses and Certificates at the same time they finish high school.

We will also continue to have a hybrid schedule.  Students will attend on-campus high school courses two days per week and work independently and/or take college courses the other three days per week. We know our families value the hybrid schedule as it gives students the flexibility to take college classes, work or pursue other interests. 

How will this impact current CCA and CUPrep students?

Current students will have a chance to complete the program they started with the additional advantage of enrolling in college classes with priority. It will not be mandatory for current students to take college courses. Beginning with the 2024-25 school year students will all receive a diploma from the Middle College High School, regardless of whether they complete any college courses or not.  

What will happen to the Middle School Program?

Unfortunately due to space constraints, we will not be able to move our CUPrep Middle School program to the new site. Our sister school, Charter Home Study Academy (CHSA), will be absorbing our middle school program.  This will allow CHSA to expand and offer advanced classes, like Algebra, for middle school students. It will also allow middle school students to have the support of a caseload teacher and the opportunity to access CHSA’s “Think Tank” study hall on the days they are not attending classes.

I’m not sure if I can handle college classes.  What kind of supports are available?

Advisory: Starting with the Freshmen class of 24-25, students enrolling in college classes will be enrolled in a support class called “Advisory”. In this class, a high school instructor will help you with skills you will need in your college courses like note-taking, studying and time management. Your Advisory teacher will also make sure you know how to complete and turn in the work for your college classes.  They will help you pick courses for the following semester, register for them and connect with FLC staff and instructors. 

Homeroom:  All students will have 30 minutes two times per week in “Homeroom”. Homeroom classes will be small and will offer students a chance to check in with their support teacher. During this time, students who need assistance with math or writing may also take advantage of the Math and Writing labs. Your Homeroom teacher will make sure you check your grades and assignments for both High School and College courses regularly.  If you get behind, your Homeroom teacher will help you make a plan to get back on track.

What will be different for next year’s incoming Freshman?

Next year’s freshmen will all be enrolled in introductory college classes.  As ninth graders, they will take HCD 111 College Discovery in the fall and HCD 310 College Success in the Spring. Students will also participate in online Fitness classes via FLC. Students who are working toward an Associate’s degree or the IGETC Certificate will take additional college courses in the Spring. 

Can I substitute college courses for my high school courses?

In some cases you will be able to substitute college courses for high school requirements. We are currently working on a list of FLC courses which could be used to cover core high school academic subjects. Keep in mind, you can always use college courses to cover elective credits.

Will the college classes be online or in person?

This will vary depending on the course. We are working with FLC and hope to offer at least one in-person college course to each grade level each semester.  

Will I be in classes with college students?

As ninth and tenth graders you will primarily take classes with other Middle College High School students.  Eleventh and twelfth grade students will likely have a mix of courses that will include some classes with college students.

Can I enroll in ANY college course I choose?

Students will have help picking courses that lead to their individual goals whether that is an Associate’s Degree, an IGETC certificate or a career education pathway. Our agreement with FLC will streamline enrollment and ensure seats in the courses most commonly needed by Middle College students.  If you are interested in a course not listed on our course list, you can still utilize the regular Dual Enrollment process.  That simply means that you will not get to register as early and may not get the section which is your first choice. 

What if I want to take a class at another Los Rios College, like ARC or SCC?

Students can still enroll in classes at ARC or SCC, but they will have to go through the regular Dual Enrollment process that we currently use.  Dual Enrollment students are the last students eligible to register, so you may not get the time/day or section you want.

I don’t think college is for me.  Why should I consider the Middle College High School? 

Students at the MCHS who are interested in going directly into the workforce after high school have opportunities too!  FLC offers a variety of career education pathways.  Many of these allow students to finish a certificate or credential while still in high school. Here is a link to the  FLC CAREER ED PATHWAYS .  MCHS students are also eligible to take ROP career focused classes. Here is a link to the ROP offerings.

What’s an IGETC Certificate?

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a series of courses that California community college students can complete to satisfy most college freshman/sophomore-level general education requirements before transferring to UC.  Students who choose this path need to work with their FLC college advisor to make sure that FLC courses satisfy IGETC requirements. Students must complete all IGETC requirements at FLC before transferring to a UC.  More information at this link.

Will there be sports?

We are investigating the possibility of CIF membership for individual sports like cross country.  Keep in mind, we will not have athletic facilities at the El Dorado Center campus so, even with CIF membership, any sports would be limited. Since The Middle College is not a member of a local school district, students are not eligible to participate in sports at their school of residence.

What about lunch?  Lunch is my favorite subject!

We will still supply our students with free breakfast and lunch!  They will likely be in the form of grab and go meals available on a daily basis. 

Will my student still attend on-campus two days per week?

High School courses will continue to be offered  in-person two days per week with online learning on the other three days. College courses will vary and may be on other days.  For example, a student may attend high school classes on Mondays and Wednesdays but have a college class that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays or even Fridays. This is similar to what our Dual Enrollment students experience presently.

How will parents be able to get information about College Classes?

Parents may not contact College professors directly due to FERPA laws.  We welcome parents to bring concerns to our High School Staff who will engage with the College Professors.

Parents will not have access to their student’s college Canvas but their students will be able to open the FLC Canvas program and show them the college courses.

Will there be changes to the Bell Schedule?

Yes, we will need to adjust the bell schedule to avoid traffic from the nearby elementary school.  Period 1 will begin at 8:30am and Period 6 will end at 3:25pm.  The addition of a 30 minute Homeroom period which students will have either before and after lunch will allow us to stagger lunch by grade level.  Students will have lunch break with other students in their grade level. Implementing a Homeroom will have the added benefit of giving us a time for our teachers to support students by checking their grades and assisting them with FLC work and touching base with caseload teachers when needed.  We will also offer a Math Lab and Writing Lab during Homeroom time for students who need help with those subjects.

Informational Sessions - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR A TIMESLOT!

We know you may have other questions about the new program and we will be holding one-hour information sessions. Please view the sign up list and sign up for the date most convenient for you. Please only sign up one time per family. Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone!




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